Low Fat Meals

Low in fat, high in taste


With our range of low fat meats you can enjoy a satisfying and filling meal without worrying about counting calories or fat content! Whether you’re maintaining a healthier diet, watching your weight or have certain dietary requirements, low fat meats are a healthier option.

Guilt-free goodness!


Our low fat meats are in demand now more than ever, and it’s not hard to see why. Choose from sausages, steak burgers, beef, chicken and fish to create a guilt-free, tasty, meaty meal. We can provide a delivery service on all of our produce. Order by calling 01942 260 335, we’d be happy to help.

What can we offer?


– Sausages
– Steak burgers
– Beef
– Chicken
– Fish
– Quality low fat meats
– Delivery and special offers available